These Two Women Can Cause Trump Breakdown!

Currently, silence is performing in Trump’s world since his CPAC speech.

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Only a few threats towards the disloyal Republicans, their demands from committees cease to use their name for fundraising, a couple of unbelievable endorsements, and lastly, a jab at Meghan Markle.

The complete silence from Trump is very unusual.

Only two women bode trouble for Trump in 2022, which could ruin his returning aspirations. Those are Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Lara Trump.

Only Murkowski faces elections from those who wanted Trump’s conviction. Because of that, Trump is determined about his revenge. The Alaskan Republican Party has already censored her.

She doesn’t have the best connection with the GOP. The one race she has ever lost happened in 2010, the Republican Senate primary. But, after that loss, only victories followed.

According to the latest assumption, Murkowski won’t face a primary challenge because she won’t run as a Republican but as an independent or Alaska’s voice.

She is a survivor, and she will serve Alaska’s federal needs. The best example for this is her vote over conservative objections to prove Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) as the first Native American Interior secretary. He is a nod to the sizeable Inuit population in Alaska.

After everything that she said, Trump must seek revenge. If he doesn’t do it, Trump will show that he is weak and defeated. But, He is disliked by the insular state. And, he won’t beat Murkowski because he talks mostly about himself.

Contrary to Murkowski, Lara Trump’s situation as a potential candidate for the U.S. Senate in North Caroline is terrible!

Her loss would signify humiliation. She, the wife of Trump’s second son, Eric, is from the Tarheel State, and she has very decent media experience, which will improve her appearance.

Moreover, her run for Senate is the first exam for the name Trump, and it is far from sure that will go well. But, in case something goes wrong, Trump will not recover.

Numerous pollings are circling social media and in-live, and the results aren’t brilliant. Regarding the poll results in December, she had a 24% lead over her rival, Gov. Pat McCrory.
Well, we need to be honest. No one should expect Lara to equal the percentage of the former president. But the two-thirds of Donald supporters maybe are waiting, or they don’t want one more Trump!

At this moment, we cannot know for sure if Trump is losing a GOP primary. Team Trump can clear the field of any reliable candidate, but it is a severe issue if Lara has a close call.

How would she do in the general elections?

North Carolina is Republican territory, but GOP had an alarming trend. From 1976 until today, only once this zone was Democratic. Invariably they keep on choosing just Republicans. Only two exclusions exist Kay Hagan (2009-2015) and John Edwards ( 1999-2005),

George W. Bush won the state two times, with more than 56% of the vote. In 2008, Obama won the state over Sen. Mitt Romney by just 2%. But, Trump didn’t even reach 50%, nor was his tight victory.
Regarding the Senate races, Sen. Richard Burr’s margin lowered by more than 10 points in 2010 and less than 6 points in 2016.

Also, Thom Tills had two tough wins, with less than 2 points in 2014 and 2020. But yet, he didn’t crack 50 percent.
But, anyway, a win is a win!

However, the trend explains us that the winning of the elections for the Republicans is very hard at this moment.
Trump is all about winning! Winning is the base of his power and grip on the Republican Party. Everything else that doesn’t stick to that base can be fatal.

President Trump’s ability to convince everyone, even himself, that the 2020 Presidential election was a fraud had saved that mystique for now. He represented himself as a victim. But the entanglement of himself with two losing causes increases the risk of endangering his political power.

As he usually does, we call it “Trump’s strategy,” he hinted at Lara Trump’s run.
If Lara faces a defeat, maybe it would erase Trump from the map. Therefore, Lara’s run is not sure, but her not-running would represent a sign of weakness.

But the time will tell us what is going to happen.

We just have to wait.

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