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This morning, I was surfing the internet when I came across a tweet that made me actually stop in my tracks.

I felt I had to share it so everybody could see it because in my opinion it was so strong and honest.

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Even though this tweet may not be considered “breaking news,” it does give us a snapshot of what we’re all witnessing and feeling during these trying times.

There are many more methods to measure America’s “temperature” than reading a story about how you should feel from “The Hill.”

At the end of the day, our media is nothing more than the Democratic Party’s propaganda weapon.

Regular people are out there sharing what ordinary U.S. citizens are talking about and how they truly feel, which is the reason that made me think you’d enjoy this.

As you probably already know, yesterday Joe Biden fell three times in an attempt to climb the stairs and board Air Force One.

The images from the fall are shocking – all they illustrate is a weak, feeble so-called “president” who can’t even walk.

Yes, mistakes can be made by anyone from time to time – but this was much more than that, owing to all the questions and worries about the President’s cognitive problems.

Recently, Biden referred to Kamala as “President Harris” for the second time.

That behavior is NOT normal, and, undoubtedly, it is not a “childhood” stutter. I am sure the media won’t tell you this, but I will.

Something is really wrong with that man, and it’s even more “suspicious” that our media isn’t saying anything about it.

Our government and the “state-run” media are misleading and propagandizing us, and the more they do so, the further from the truth we remain.

But this side-by-side picture defies all of the propaganda and tells so much without even saying a word.

This is a great reminder to all of us to stay involved and fight on.

We may have lost a fight – a major battle – but we still haven’t nor we will lose the war in the future.

Don’t be miserable or depressed about what we’re up against; instead, let the righteous rage and determination fill you, and return to the battle…

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Source : thetruedefender.com

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