These Are the House Republicans Who Voted To Send $40 Billion Taxpayer Dollars To Ukraine.

The House of Representatives voted to pass a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. But, it was hard for the same House of Representatives to cut a measly relief check for the working Americans!

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Politico reported, ‘’The House passed a nearly $40 billion package for Ukraine late Tuesday, sending the bill to the Senate as lawmakers heed President Joe Biden’s warning that U.S. cash to help the allied country will run out in just over a week.’’

It will pass the Senate, too.

‘’ Congressional Democratic leaders reached a bicameral accord to send $39.8 billion to Ukraine to bolster its months-long battle against a brutal Russian assault.

And that deal is now expected to move swiftly to President Joe Biden’s desk after Democrats agreed to drop another one of their top priorities — billions of dollars in pandemic aid that has stalled on the Hill. The Ukraine aid could come to the House floor for a vote as soon as Tuesday, according to a person familiar with the discussions who spoke candidly on condition of anonymity.’’

Americans are angry because it’s the lack of regard our politicians have for our people. Food banks faced an increase in demand of approximately 39% in a few months. But, Nancy and her gang of misfits decided to add the additional few billion dollars to the package for food in Ukraine.

‘’ Under the Ukraine aid plan, the nearly $40 billion total goes beyond Biden’s request for $33 billion, a sum that was already expected to be transformative for both the Ukrainian military and NATO allies. The almost $40 billion total amounts to more than 5 percent of the United States’ entire national security budget of $782 billion, and lawmakers opted to include even more funding for military and humanitarian programs than Biden had originally requested.’’

If you paid attention to the paragraph, you know it is a money grab. Biden and the gang in the international community are going to get a cut? It equates to 5% of the national security budget allocated to a 10-week war.

Most Republicans elected to the House were there because they promised fiscal responsibility! But, here we are.
154 Republicans voted for this bill!

The payout for them has to be astronomical. The problem isn’t supporting the Ukrainians; you still can support them without giving the money with zero oversight on how it will be spent.

We have to keep our representatives responsible for their actions. We can make a change with the elections, and we can’t have these RINOs glide into another term of selling out this nation.

Below you can find the list of the Republicans that voted for this insane bill.



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