There Is Something Very “Wrong” With Terry McAuliffe’s July 4th Video And Trump Supporters Noticed It

Democrats seem to know nothing about being true and “genuine”, as everything they do is always staged and phony!

 They cannot even pretend to love America and BBQ, without getting caught “faking” it!

Their main agenda throughout the entire year is to divide the nation and trash America, its symbols, history, its flag, cops, and everyone who doesn’t worship the old, corrupt, and senile old man who happened to enter the Office.

However, on the 4th of July, they take out their “patriotic” shirts and pretend to be “normal Americans.”

Well, guys, sorry to inform you, but you are so fake that you even look hilarious!

Your plan doesn’t work, and you fool no one!

 Terry McAuliffe’s pathetic July 4th BBQ video is a perfect example of this!

Savvy Trump supporters instantly noticed something very, very “off” with the clip!

Did you spot it too?

I’m sure you did, but in case you missed it..

He is just pathetic! Communist Terry placed a bunch of burgers on a cold grill that’s not even turned on!!

Oh, don’t forget the unopened beer!

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments online:

 “this goofy pandering is right up there with hot sauce in the purse.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t use a southern black accent in this video and pour hot sauce all over his ice cold burgers.”

“The pandering is almost as disgusting as his raw burgers”

“I wonder if he got permission from the gov’t to have such a large bbq. The country is not back Terry. It is wildly off course and heading for a huge precipice.”

“I bet you he bought all that stuff with the extra sixteen cents Dementia Joe saved us.”

“Option C…he’s a low life lying dog face pony soldier who puts cold meat on the grill.”

“Typical liberal hacks playing for the optics. All staged. Grill not on Beer not open Shirt right out of the bag Wake up morons!”

“Cold grill. Unopened beer. “

Is it possible that the elite communist Dems believe we’re all idiots?

This is sad and hilarious at the same time!

Remember, these blood-thirsty Satanists elites who are ruining this country on a daily basis would never be “normal Americans.”

Nope..they are the enemies.



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