The Truth Is Here! Wuhan Lab Scientists CREATED SARS-CoV-2!

Two European scientists shared the truth about the pandemic that caused chaos worldwide! In the soon-to-be-released study, they shared that the COVID-19 virus has “no credible natural ancestor.”

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British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist, Dr. Birger Sorensen’s statements followed David Asher’s claim for Fox News from this week that biostatisticians for the U.S. government calculated that the odds of the SARS-CoV-2 evolving in nature are one in 13 billion.

The report follows the Facebook announcement from this week that it will ban claims that “COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured”, responding to “ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts.”

On the same day, the Biden Administration announced that they hadn’t ruled out the option that the pandemic might have been deliberately unleashed.

The Daily Mail covered this story.

Dalgleish is a professor of oncology at St George’s University, London, and is best known for his breakthrough creating the first working ‘HIV vaccine’ to treat diagnosed patients and allow them to go off medication for months. Sørensen, a virologist, is chair of pharmaceutical company, Immunor, which developed a coronavirus vaccine candidate called Biovacc-19. …

Now, Dalgleish and Sørensen have authored a new study, which concludes that ‘SARS-Coronavirus-2 has no credible natural ancestor’ and that it is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that the virus was created through ‘laboratory manipulation.’ … Dalgleish and Sørensen claim that scientists working on Gain of Function projects took a natural coronavirus ‘backbone’ found in Chinese cave bats and spliced onto it a new ‘spike,’ turning it into the deadly and highly transmissible SARS-Cov-2. One tell-tale sign of alleged manipulation the two men highlighted was a row of four amino acids they found on the SARS-Cov-2 spike.

Sorensen spoke to the Daily Mail and said that four amino acids have a positive charge which tells that it’s extremely unlikely to happen in nature.

“The laws of physics mean that you cannot have four positively charged amino acids in a row,” Dalgleish said. “The only way you can get this is if you artificially manufacture it.”

The scientist’s remarks about the four amino acids were the same as Fang Chi-Tai’s, professor at National Taiwan University.

New York Magazine has more on this story.

And late in the month, a professor at National Taiwan University, Fang Chi-tai, gave a lecture on the coronavirus in which he described the anomalous R-R-A-R furin cleavage site. The virus was “unlikely to have four amino acids added all at once,” Fang said — natural mutations were smaller and more haphazard, he argued. “From an academic point of view, it is indeed possible that the amino acids were added to COVID-19 in the lab by humans.” When the Taiwan News published an article about Fang’s talk, Fang disavowed his own comments, and the video copy of the talk disappeared from the website of the Taiwan Public Health Association. “It has been taken down for a certain reason,” the association explained. “Thank you for your understanding.”

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