The Truth Behind Biden’s Dancing Nurses – The Worst Story To Be Heard This Christmas!

This video is viral…

Cheerful nurses at the WH Christmas celebration and people have different reactions to this…

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Several millions people have watched the video. The Northwell Health Nurse Choir and it represents a piece of the “Spirit of the Season” public TV special made at the WH.

According to Newsweek, the group tried its chances on America Got Talent. They made the finale…

On Tuesday, they performed “We Need A Little Christmas” from the Broadway musical “Mame” for Jill Biden.

Let’s move on to the background of this story.

Nurses enjoyed their five minutes of fame, but about 1,000 of their coworkers celebrated Christmas without a decent job and a salary. Wonder why? Our government fired unvaccinated healthcare workers… Imagine that!

So, these cheerful nurses were able to keep their job because they had received both jabs.

In October, Nothwell Health, the largest health care provider in NY fired at least 1,400 workers because they were unvaccinated.

The Supreme Court allowed Governor Hochul’s mandate that doesn’t cover religious exemptions and COVID-19 testing as an alternative.

Thousands of nurses and healthcare workers were threatened to get the jab.

Hochul deals with a state of emergency. They have staff deficit and the National Guard will have to assist hospitals.

The Omicron variant is here and pretty much all states deal with staff shortages.

So, these are the people who used to say that healthcare workers are heroes who deserve all the praise in this world.

Healthcare workers refuse to get the jab. Officials prepared new mandates. What’s next? Put these people in jail?

Yes, the performance of these nurses is great, but we need to think of those who will lose their jab.

’ This isn’t about admiring health care workers, since those who won’t get vaccinated are still irrefutably heroes for working without a vaccine last year.

This is blatant propaganda for Biden’s two-tiered American society. Get the jab, comply, and we can all get along. Peace, love, and lots of Biden “unity” for anyone whose willing to keep their head down and play ball.’’ The Western Journal reported.

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Source: The True Defender

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