The Truth About What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE…

A terrible scenario…

People have millions of questions. COVID, inflation, war… What’s next?

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Latest evidence suggests that we have to support Ukraine. According to “them,” we have to give up to accomplish this:

‘Operation Thermostat’: Italy to Begin Rationing Electricity to ‘Support Ukraine’

What’s really going on? Is this breaking news? Of course it is!

Does this war make sense to you?

Why would Vladimir Putin alienate himself from the rest of the world? That’s the definition for a suicide. This makes no sense.

Well, we wouldn’t say this is fake. Those guns exist. Those people died. One thing stands for sure. The mainstream media continues the narrative but we won’t bite into that one.

Do you trust the people in the photo below? That’s a legit question, right?

Bo Polny made this photo. “Do you trust anyone in this photo?” he asked.

These people have been saying nothing but lies for the past few decades. They lied about everything and everyone, including Donald Trump. Why would we believe them now?

The mainstream media keeps pushing the narrative. George Soros, Joe Biden, the Clintons, Kamala Harris, Bill Gates, Rachel Maddow… They are all part of the game. They keep telling us Ukraine is the good guy here.

Let’s get into this.

We haven’t been to Ukraine or Russia. The mainstream media claimed that Putin plans to invade his neighbor. However, the man didn’t say anything at all. The mainstream media kept saying that Putin wants war and they really made it look like that. I guess they were the one craving this war.

Joe Biden stands with Ukraine and said Putin was our enemy. We wouldn’t say he is a good guy.

We have a theory. The mainstream media and Biden Regime colluded to thrust America and the rest of the world into a new world war. Who is winning? Globalists.

We won’t condone the things Russia and Ukraine did. We all have to fight the same enemy. Globalists. Elitists.

SAVED From The YouTube Purge: Klaus Schwab Admits It All On Video

BREAKING: George Soros and Bill Gates Just Bought a COVID Testing Company for $41 Million

Still looking for the bad guys?

These people had kids working with Ukraine. Did they use Ukraine for money laundering? Why are they working close to Russia?

Here’s a fun fact. Zelensky is an actor.

Wendy Rogers has something to say too.

It’s sad how they banned everyone from social media, banks, and society in general. Remember the labs in Ukraine?

Are Russian Airstrikes Targeting U.S. Bio-Weapons Labs in Ukraine?

All the fake news?

They used a scene from a 2017 documentary:

Enter the Ghost of Kyiv.

It’s fake.

Another fake video.

They can’t be serious about this…

Proof Zelensky Is “New World Order”

VIDEO FOUND: Zelensky In High Heels and Perverted Dancing…

We are shocked.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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