The True Reason For Cuomo’s Career Fall

No one expected this

Nowadays, without proper support (from a powerful buddy) you are not able to anything. Either way- going up or down…

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Which led me to a question – who exactly pissed off Cuomo to become so “popular” recently?

My guess was de Blasio, with 90% chances, because of the open and current attacks. But, I’ve read deeper, and eventually, this wonderful report at the “Conservative Treehouse,” when it hit me.

It is Barrack Obama!

This is the theory: Kamala is going to be the true leader – she’s young, passionate, and obedient. Joe is a cover-up to get into the White House. They all belong to the great radical left-wing, strongly influenced and controlled by Obama. Now, Joe Biden is the silent “president”, while hidden from the eyes of the public, Obama and Kamala Harris make the plans and plots. And, for sure they don’t need an educated radical Democrat who is writing books, being called a Superhero, and so on…

“The radicals do not care about public opinion of the policies or outcomes because they have Biden in place to absorb all the negative attachments” – the reported article notes.

“Kamala Harris is the key to seeing the hidden hand of the Obama control agents at work.  Harris’s associations are Obama’s associations.  Harris’s crew is Obama’s crew.  Anyone who is not Harris; and who carries a perspective of potential political influence; is now a thorn in the agenda.  Andrew Cuomo was rising in influence, as a result, he must be eliminated in order to retain the exclusive position of Kamala Harris as heir to the radical agenda.”

It’s truly a delicate process, planned ahead. And they seem to be controlling it to perfection. But, as much as they get help from the media, it is what they call a “Damocles sword”. It cuts from both sides… And information leaks happen everywhere, observers are everywhere…

As said before, everything is either recorded or reported.

It is up to you to learn how to solve political puzzles.

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Source: The True Defender 

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