‘The Silence Of The Deans’: Medicals Schools Say Nothing As Working-Age People Die At Earth-Shattering Rates [VIDEO]

We have an enormous increase in life insurance claims.

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In Greg Hunter’s interview, Dr. Pierre Kory spoke about excess mortality after the vaccine rollout. It has been ‘’historically unprecedented.’’

“A few months ago, a number of life insurance companies were reporting increases in life insurance claims for young, working-age Americans, 18 to 65, between 18, 23, and up to 40%. And then Lincoln Financial, the fifth-largest life insurance company in the country, announced that in last [year, there was a] 163% increase in life insurance claims over historical baselines.”


These are the numbers for group death benefits taken from Lincoln National’s annual statements for the last three years:

2019: $500,888,808
2020: $547,940,260
2021: $1,445,350,949

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