The Real Reason Nancy Pelosi Tore Up Trump’s SOTU Revealed

When Nancy Pelosi participated in a petty act of partisan outrage, it revealed the Speaker’s dark side. She did that by tearing a copy of Trump’s State of the Union Address at the Joint Session of Congress in 2020.

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Pelosi tore up the speech copy on national television while standing behind Trump at the end of his presidential address.
Watch the video below.

Pelosi’s anger depicted the Dems frustration, which were still outraged that Trump ever won an election. Even the start of the speech gave a reason to pivot from its contents, the peace and prosperity that his policies spread, to a forced spectacle meant to divert attention from the president.

“I thought it was terrible,” Trump stated. “I thought it was very disrespectful to the chamber, to the country.”

According to Vice President Pence, Pelosi planned the stunt and condemned the action.

“I wasn’t sure if she was ripping up the speech or ripping up the Constitution,” Pence stated. “To have her stand up and tear up that speech really dishonored the moment.”

Pence named it a “new low” and an effort to make it “about her.” Now we realize HE WAS RIGHT!

The precise reason why Pelosi tore up the speech in multiple pieces is presented in a biography named” Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power.” There you can read Pelosi’s FULL confession about why she did what she did!

After Pelosi’s act, many publications uncritically said that she tore up the speech unintentionally. You can see that it was an uncalculated gesture. According to them, it was only a spontaneous act from the Speaker who was done with Trump’s purported lies.

“I had no intention of doing that when we went to the State of the Union,” in February 2020, Pelosi said.
Christian Amanpour interviewed Pelosi, and there she explained that she needed attention on the “objectionable” parts of the SOTU address.

We know what one of those crucial “objectionable parts was.” It is connected to honoring the late Rush Limbaugh.

She wanted to make small tears in her copy of the state of the Union Address during the speech, and she was highlighting the “objectionable” parts. She forgot her pen.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dramatically ripped up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech last year because she had been promised a big announcement on healthcare or opioids,” The Daily Mail reported. “Instead, Trump gave Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

Susan Page said that Vice President Mike Pence spoke about the possibility of mentioning healthcare.

“Oh, you’re going to be very happy about what he says tonight,” Pence said.

Trump would brand Obamacare “socialist” and only mentioned the administration’s efforts to fight opioid addiction.

At the moment, Trump pivoted to honoring Limbaugh, and as Melania Trump put the Presidential Medal of freedom on his neck, “she felt the temperature rising.” Stated Page.

“I thought, ‘This page is so full of lies, I want to be able to come back to it,'” Pelosi said.

Pelosi continued making tiny tears, saying she had forgotten her pen.

“I should have probably had a pen in the drawer, but I didn’t have a pen right there,” stated Nancy,

“She made a little tear in the next page to mark another assertion she saw as untrue,” Page wrote. “And the next. By the time he was halfway through the speech, it had occurred to her that she might just as well tear the whole thing in half, but she wasn’t ready to decide that yet.”

“My members were furious,” Pelosi said.” ‘You could see steam coming out of the caucus. I’m not talking about the left-wing; I’m talking about all of the members. They were so offended.”

“He used the Congress, the House chamber, as a reality-show set,” she added. “And then he had no reality in his speech. People were just furious.”

From her act of tearing the speech apart, we can see that Pelosi has no respect for D. Trump and the dignity of Congress or the institution of the presidency.

‘” It would be the most public display of disrespect in modern times from the leader of one branch of government to another, delivered almost face-to-face,” Pelosi declared.

However, the House Speaker said that she doesn’t regret it, and now since she revealed the truth, she is “liberated” because Pelosi didn’t have any particular reason to tore the copy up.

“I’m ever gracious and respectful of the office, if not the person,” Pelosi said of the presidency. “I’m not beyond that in partisanship or something, but not telling the truth, that was just beyond.”

Moreover, It’s a lie that Pelosi did that because of untruth. From her words, Pelosi did it because she didn’t have the attention she wanted. If Rush was alive, we could all hear him laugh about it in front of the Golden EIB Microphone.

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Source: trendingpolitics.com

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