The New Money Making Fox News Scheme

It can be seen clearly that Fox News DID became the GOP “establishment” base network.

This new information on how they are planning to run their business in the future only gives more credit to that claim.

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By making this move, Lachlan Murdoch, the CEO of Fox News, disrespects the Americans in fact, mainly the followers and supporters of President Trump. Murdoch actually thinks that (as they did) overnight people will forget what Fox News did against the former president.

The betrayal, pro-Biden propaganda, Trump’s pro-impeachment news, etc …

And now, out of nowhere, he wants a restart, acting as “loyal opposition” against Biden.

When did this direction change happened? AGAIN!

It’s a known fact that we live in the capitalistic world, where money make the world turn around. Yet, shouldn’t at least there be some integrity and basic moral value left in doing a job and earning from it? And you have a career as a journalist, a reporter, a media network – your JOB is to tell the truth and then, GET PAID for that. Not to be associate to the liars, team-up with people to make them look great and get money for that. That’s a classical frame, because people are being lied to and other people are being promoted in a society based on fake news…

Oh excellent, so more fake news?

“Fox News Channel CEO Lachlan Murdoch candidly admitted that the focus of opposition to the new administration will boost the cable news network’s ratings,” the Got Air report states.

“The main beneficiary of the Trump administration from a rating point of view was MSNBC … and that’s because they were the loyal opposition,” Murdoch stated on an open-air interview “That’s what our job is now with the Biden administration, and you’ll see our ratings really improve from here.”

Their intentions are obvious here – aiming for the money, switching sides just to gain popularity, and money-making. The reason is not their strong moral values, which they do not have. Nor they care or respect the American viewers and citizens, that actually finance their paychecks!

Let me give you an honest advice. If you want to fight back in this media war, you should do this:

  • erase it from your channel list
  • watch your fav shows on YouTube or other social media
  • don’t read Fox News, nor New York Post article

It is great for me – Netflix and HBO shows are amazing. And if I want to read news, Newsmax and OANN are way better for me. I have clearer views and a better understanding of the actual events and actions in my country.

In today’s reality, there’s no explanation to be supporting and paying the enemy to literally demolish everything we’ve worked for. It’s crazy. Free your life from Fox News.

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Source: The True Defender 

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