The Modern Day CDC Concentration Camps & Forced Vaccinations Coming!

Concentration camps?

Is this even allowed these days? I guess executive orders will help liberals continue with their plan.

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In this DOUBLE-WHAMMY, ORWELLIAN Segment, Stew Peters is joined by DeAnna Lorraine and Patrick Howley as they take turns GOUGING THE EYEBALLS OUT of the Deep State DEMONS who persist in attempting to FORCE the Killer Jab onto the members of the US Military and other citizens of this nation! DID YOU KNOW that there are nations who are, as you read this, in the process of procuring ‘MASS CADAVER STORAGE FACILITIES’, because they are, obviously, preparing for what’s to come: a MASS DEATH EVENT! Are they the ONLY ONES making such preparations, Patriots..?! DID YOU ALSO KNOW that the BRAINLESS FREAKS at the CDC have a PROTOCOL IN PLACE – RIGHT NOW – to transport “HIGH RISK” (aka UNVACCINATED) people to “Green Zone Shelters”, where they will be SEGREGATED for LONG PERIODS OF TIME – possibly INDEFINITELY, based on the BS LIE called the FAKE PLANDEMIC…?! All this, according to an ORWELLIAN DOCUMENT entitled “Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings” The CDC even OUTRIGHT ADMITS that it plans on rounding up all unvaccinated citizens and placing them into what amounts to be concentration camps. One of the questions I had when putting this together was ‘WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP TO THESE DE-POP DEMONS, TAKE A STAND AND JUST SAY “NO!”….?! You really should HANG ON TIGHT for this one, Patriots, because THIS ONE’s gonna TICK YOU OFF and make you SCREAM!”

Watch the video here.

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Source: The True Defender

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