The Left’s Biggest Nightmare Is Running For AZ Governor & Could Change The Entire Game [VIDEO]

“Think I’m bluffing? Just wait.”

“Kari Lake’s emergency declarations for Arizona could start a chain reaction that saves the entire country.” – Darrin McBreen.

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One month ago, on March 30, Kari Lake used Twitter and shared, “When I become Governor….”

She didn’t even say if she would become Governor. Lake said, “When,” and she is confident, and the polling backs her up.

It seems that she got the law on her side, said to Paul Gosar, who tweeted, “Day 1. Declaration of emergency under Art. 1 Sec. 10–a state can defend its borders when “actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

She’s ahead in the polling with a 12-point lead over the nearest Republican Gubernatorial Primary challenger, according to a recent Trafalgar Group poll.

Kari said,” The Arizona Democrat Party is celebrating the 4th of July with a “F*CK THE FOURTH” protest… The difference could not be more clear.”

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