The January 6th Commission Isn’t About The Truth – It’s About Silencing Conservatives

They are trying to get Donald Trump

In the movie Darkest Hour, Winston Churchill responded to the idea that the British could negotiate and appease Hitler to avoid potential defeat.

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“You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.”

Unfortunately, 35 House Republicans joined Nancy Pelosi in voting for the January 6th commission.

The commission is in no way related to the Capitol riots. This is why Pelosi and Liz Cheney don’t talk about the only person who died that day. It was an unarmed Trump supporter. The lady was also a military veteran and the police killed her. We would never hear Pelosi talk about this. She would never expose the person who shot the woman. Democrats would never say why this woman was shot.

The January 6th commission won’t be looking for answers. They will look for facts to support the conclusion they have already brought.

Democrats and their friends in the far-left media keep saying that the January 6th riots were an “armed insurrection.” Guess what… no guns were recovered from the US Capitol.

They keep saying Trump ordered the “armed insurrection.” Well, our amazing President called for a peaceful march to the US Capitol.

Democrats can’t explain one simple fact. Unarmed people could never seize control of the government. A bunch of elderly and obese guys would never seize control. Trump could never use these people to keep his spot in the Oval Office.

The January 6th commission is all about extending the usefulness of the incident as a political weapon for Dems to wield.

Liberal reporters and Pelosi’s friends have gaslighted Americans for months. They use the riots as a weapon to end Trump’s career. They wanted to destroy the America First movement. This was their way of silencing tens of millions of Americans who stand with Trump.

Democrats call us “traitors.” According to Pelosi and her buddies, traitors are those who voted for Trump in the presidential election.

The commission is in no way related to Trump’s supporters who arrived at the Capitol. Democrats have been turning their focus to the 75 million Americans who supported Trump in November 2020.

Sadly, 35 House Republicans believe they can do business with Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the far-left media.

Joining Pelosi won’t bring any good. They are the real traitors who try to gain power through Pelosi’s sick policies.

Trump’s supporters are against violence. Real supporters would never justify violent riots. They would never attack the Capitol or kill others.

Turncoat Republicans side with Democrats. They did that a couple of months ago. They wanted to impeach Trump.

Hundreds of Americans were arrested in the unprecedented use of federal power in order to prosecute the most minor of infractions from January 6th.

Democrats hold these people without any charges for months. This is the worst abuse of power we have ever seen.

The Big Tech media censured Trump. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms banned the former President and those who support him.

Democrats use their allies in the media to fill our heads with nonsense. No, sane Americans would never bite into their stories. We will never negotiate with Pelosi and her friends. We stand with Trump.

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Source: The Political Insider

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