The Haunting Photo Of The Last American Soldier To Leave Afghanistan

The Eyes say more than the words can ever explain.

The past week was a survival from the past disastrous events that our country experienced. It’s a dark week for America.

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Under the Taliban’s strict orders, Biden and his handlers couldn’t save the chaos they caused in Afghanistan and left the hell country. We pray for all the Americans there, and our Allies Afghans, and all those service dogs left behind.

Biden took all the soldiers and returned them to the US after the date August 31, 2021. He forced the brave American soldiers who risked their lives to go and save their friends to come back like a defeated army!

We have the image of the last American soldier leaving Afghanistan and boarding the plane that’s heading back to the US. The picture says it all!

With this move, Biden received a lifetime mark of the biggest disgrace that the US has ever had as a President.
If Trump were still in office, this would have never happened!

We hope that he will come back soon and somehow repair the irreparable damage that Biden and his administration have caused to America.

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