The Halftime Show Was A Huge Satanic Ritual, Here’s What You May Have Missed….

The Halftime Show is making headlines for all the wrong reasons

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NFL fans were super excited to watch the big game this past weekend. Some like football, while others enjoy halftime performances. This year’s halftime show was horrible.

Boring. Scary. Can we use these two in the same sentence? Yes, only if you add “creepy” and “evil.”

Most Americans would agree that this show was terrible and there was something wrong with it.

There was this little yet scary symbol on the stage. We all know what that means.

How could they put something like this on the stage?

No, it was not a mark so the performer knew his spot.

Do not worry, there’s more. At one point of the show, people noticed the word “SATAN” right there… on the screen. Can you imagine that?

Disturbing. We cannot even digest this.

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Source: www.iheartradio.ca

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