The Great (Re)-Awakening Of America First Is Here

On January 6, 2021, many Americans who support Trump came to Washington DC to support the President.
Those people are only one part of the 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump. The event was very calm, and nothing indicated violence.

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Moreover, the people didn’t even push among themselves, but they were excited to see President and hear his speech.


Hundreds of thousands of patriots left the Ellipse, but a few miles away, a couple of hundred idiots entered the Capitol.

The media and the left changed the story, and it wasn’t an armed insurrection. On that day, the only person killed was a veteran, a Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt.

No one knows the police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt and why he used deadly force.

All the things that happened at the Capitol Building were inadequate, yes. But, one thing is for sure, it wasn’t an armed insurrection, as well, as it wasn’t linked to the rally Trump spoke earlier at Ellipse.

The anti-Trump supporters, the mass media, and the left sensed a chance. They wanted to eliminate Trump from their way, to destroy his political career.

Only if you turn back and see what happened you will realize that all Trump haters tried to impeach and remove Trump over the idea that he incited the Capitol riot. The Big Tech used the Capitol riot as a reason to deplatform Trump’s supporters.

But Big Tech isn’t the end. All the Trump supporters who weren’t even involved in the Capitol event got damaged. Some of them lost their jobs, clients, and business.

Their goal was to transform the January 6 event into a hammer and then used it as a weapon against Trump supporters throughout the U.S.

The majority of Trump and America First supporters thought it would be best to keep the heads down after the event. Probably that was how the entire situation would calm down.

But, it wasn’t the right thing to do. And many people understood that.

Last weekend the Save America Summit, hosted by Women for America First, happened. With this event, the reawakening of the America First movement occurred.

Luckily, some conservative media start to push back against the mass media’s January 6 story.


One writer from American Greatness, Julie Kelly, was the most dogged and bravest leader. Now we have a leader in the movement who will ask why no one from the media wants to know what happened to Ashli Babbitt.

We must fight back! Americans won’t remain silent!

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Source: thepoliticalinsider.com

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