The Great Awakening Has Started: Mario Murillo And Dutch Sheets!

The Great Reset, the Great Awakening, and the NESARA & GESARA.

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We have covered the story about Nesara and Gesara, and we don’t believe in them. It’s the most psy-op you could meet.

This is what those people believe it will do:

Excellent, right?

It’s perfect! I agree with everything, but if you believe that some secret program called NESARA/GESARA will swoop in and abolish the IRS, income tax, and erase all the debt, then I have something like a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Don’t be so naïve.

We want those things to be accurate, but it is simply impossible, unrealistic.

The Great reset is terrible! You will own nothing, and you will be happy!

The following is for the people who keep track:
1 – NESARA/GESARA don’t exist – fake psy-op
2 – Great Reset = very bad

However, something else is happening in the middle of all these things, referred to as the great awakening.

If people wake up, then they will realize the truth. The Great Awakening will bring justice and revival. That’s what Mario Murillo and Dutch Sheets discussed today on The Victory Channel.

These people share the truth and have a conversion experience as they come face-to-face with The Way/Truth/Life!

Take a look at the video;

We have another one for NESARA & GESARA!

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