The “Edward Snowden” Of The Pandemic Blows The WHISTLE

The conspiracy theory dating from 2013 says that the government spied on their people through social media tools, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Sky, and phone calls.

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Edward Snowden was the contractor who left the NSA with a thumb drive that changed everything!

Top secret materials proved that the NSA was spying on their people, and everything was on its hard drive, later released.

Pay it all forward to the C-19 pandemic, having the Snowden whistleblower story in mind.

Since the beginning of the C-19 pandemic, Americans believed the story on mass media that the virus broke out in humans because Chinese people ate infected bats at some wet media. Only truth news suspected that the CCP and the CDC worked together to create the coronavirus gain of function virus and shared it from a lab.

We realized that the virus’s genetic signature came from the Wuhan lab, and Fauci helped fund its research. So, the conspiracy theory and Snowden-like whistleblower, with inside data about how mRNA vaccines function, is telling the world exactly how the C-19 vaccines are creating a pandemic of their own.

‘’Anyone living in denial of this needs to watch the embedded video below of Dr. Paul Cottrell. Like Snowden, the man is obviously well-versed in the language of the perpetrators, but this time the technology isn’t being used for “spying” on Americans (and the world), but rather vaccine and virus “technology” is being manipulated to systematically dismantle and disable (he calls it down-regulation) the human immune system via vaccines and lab-made Covid variants. Dr. Cottrell explains the plandemic and maps it out on a dry-erase board like it’s the NSA spying map “PRISM.”’’ Natural News reported.

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