The Difference Between The Fall Of Sri Lanka & The Dutch Uprising!

Globalists have a plan and it seems to work in the most awful ways

These people gathered with one major goal.

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Create one world government.

Ignorant elitists joined forces to challenge the entire world. First, they destroyed our economy. Second, they went after the future of our kids. COVID-19 is part of their plan, right? Everyone would agree on this one.

These evil people rely on system failure and societal collapse. Their vicious plan has destroyed the lives of so many people.

Let’s go all the way to Sri Lanka. They are destroyed. Globalists destroyed their plans for the future.

System failure. Sri Lanka crumbled in front of our eyes and we are devastated.

This video on Banned reveals a different side of the story. It seems like the nightmare in Sri Lanka was planned long ago. You see things like this on TV, right? Well, people in Sri Lanka are living in fear.

The video outlines the difference between the situation in Sri Lanka and the Dutch Uprising.

These videos are here to give us a clearer perception of things. Elitists can no longer thrive on our fear. Their threats don’t work anymore. It’s time to stand for the well-being of our loved ones.

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Source: The True Defender

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