The Clinton Family May Not Be Out Of The Woods Just Yet

The IRS has to admit if it criminally investigated the Clinton Foundation for Fraud.

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The Clintons would never stay off the News.

So, this time, again, The Clinton Foundation has the public attention. Their foundation has drawn eyes and legal inquiries into their business.

Reports say that the IRS is forced to admit if it investigated the Clinton Foundation for fraud.

However, according to many people, the Clinton Foundation should be investigated for fraud, besides many other allegations.

There are allegations involving criminal connections with Jeffrey Epstein and numerous other high-profile international scandals.

Just the News covered the story with more details.

AU.S. Tax Court judge has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to reveal if it criminally investigated the Clinton Foundation, directing the agency to cure a mysterious “gap” in its records in the case.

Most of the proceedings in the case involving the Clinton Foundation and the whistleblowers Lawrence W. Doyle and John F. Moynihan have been sealed. Still, U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson authorized the release of an April 22 ruling to Just the News this week.  

“The WO must further investigate to determine whether CI [criminal investigative division] proceeded with an investigation based on petitioners’ information and collected proceeds,” the judge ruled. “… It seems clear we should remand the case to the WO so that it can explore this gap.”

While ordering the IRS to reveal whether the Clinton Foundation was criminally investigated, the judge declined the whistleblowers’ request to take an Arkansas state official’s deposition or compel discovery in the case, saying such actions were “outside the scope of proper discovery.”

Also, Conservative Brief reported on this issue.

The Clinton Foundation made headlines in 2018 when two financial analysts, John Moynihan and Larry Doyle, said they uncovered evidence of pay-to-play and financial crimes in the nonprofit organization, which is operated by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea Clinton.

The pair of whistleblowers were brought before the House Oversight Committee in December of that year.

During their testimony, Moynihan and Doyle said they carried out an extensive forensic investigation based on public records, tax filings, and private interviews with Clinton Foundation officials.

The investigators said Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel admitted to them in a taped conversation that Bill Clinton used the foundation’s bank accounts for personal expenses.

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