The 3 Biggest Anti-Israel Myths On Social Media, Debunked

People don’t know a thing about Israel

Citizens of this world don’t know the real situation. So, to bust this disinformation, we decided to debunk some of the hottest myths related to Israel. The media, celebrities, and politicians kept pushing this narrative for a really long time.

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Myth 1: Israel committed “terrorism” in Gaza

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said Israel committed “an act of terrorism.”

Facts don’t support this claim. Israel did this because Hamas sent thousands of missiles into Israel. The rockets targeted their usual spots in southern Israel but also hit civilian centers in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, including schools, hospitals and homes.

Israel only hits military targets. They destroyed a Hamas military intelligence facility and a weapons manufacturing/storage area. They hit terror tunnels Hamas used to kidnap and kill Israelis. Anti-Israel activists said civilians died, too. This is true and it’s a big tragedy. It exposes the real terrorists.

Hamas uses people as human shields. Israel conducts military activity away from civilian center, but Hamas launches rockets and manufactures guns in populated areas.

Hamas doesn’t care about Palestinians. They should only cease their rocket attacks. A Hamas rocket killed three Gazan kids.

Writer David French correctly notes, “There is absolutely no equivalence — either in morality or the laws of armed conflict — between firing unaimed rockets directly into civilian population centers and responding with aimed fire at militants hiding in civilian population centers.”

Myth 2: Israel attacked peaceful worshippers

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central accused Israel of assaulting the Al-Aqsa Mosque. But, what happened there has nothing to do with Israel being aggressive towards religion. This happened because of the Palestinian agitators who used Al-Aqsa to do their thing. We saw photos featuring Palestinians with Hamas headbands on. Hamas flags were lying everywhere around the mosque. These people weren’t praying. They were leaving the mosque only to attack Israeli police with rocks.

The police had to respond the way they responded.

One video features Israelis dancing at the Western Wall while Al-Aqsa Mosque was on fire. Well, they weren’t celebrating the burning of the religious temple. The mosque wasn’t burning. Trees were burning.

Myth 3: The Conflict would end if Israel gave Palestinians a state

Bella Hadid believes Israel “denies Palestinians their right to liberation, freedom, and justice.”

Someone said that the anger over the evictions of four families from Sheikh Jarrah caused the violence. The legal dispute goes all the way to the 1970s.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes down to a simple fact. Jews want to have a state where they can thrive safely. Palestinians will do the impossible to prevent a Jewish state that is safe and secure. Israel accepted every plan on the table. Palestinians rejected everything.

Remember the Peel Commission in 1936?

The UN partition plan in 1948 is also here. The Clinton parameters in 2000?

Since 1948, the Palestinian government has been hell-bent on smashing the Jewish state.

In Einat Wilf and Adi Schwartz’s book, “The War of Return,” they wrote about the reasons for the horrible violence.

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Source: The Federalist

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