Texas Police Arrests a 65 Year Old Woman For Not Wearing A Mask

Nothing is normal with the “new normal”

People who have struggled their entire lives to obey rules and laws and never do crime can these days be arrested as criminals, just because they do not wear a facial mask!

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Back in the old days, only bank robbers in the cartoons wore masks!

Now, a 65-year-old woman was arrested in Texas for refusing to wear a mask inside a bank.

It’s no longer tolerable, it is absurd, infuriating, and sad!

The woman got arrested one day after the state of Texas lifted all mask mandates.

Then, why was she arrested?

Namely, Texas allows businesses to refuse service to people who do not comply with their masking policies.

After this woman refused to comply with the masking policy, she was taken down by force by the police.

Watch the police body camera footage below:

ABC 13 News reported:

“Just a day after Texas rolled back COVID-19 restrictions, including those mandating face coverings in public, a woman’s arrest has emerged stemming from her refusal to wear a mask.

Body camera footage released by Galveston police shows officers confronting the woman inside a Bank of America branch on Central City Boulevard.

The footage, taken on Thursday, begins with an officer being directed by a bank manager to the woman. The officer encounters the woman who expresses frustration over being told to wear a mask, invoking the state’s lifted mandate.

However, the officer is heard reminding the woman that businesses can refuse service to anyone that does not comply with masking policies, which is something that Gov. Greg Abbott still allowed.

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With the woman giving pushback, the officer says, “Ma’am, listen, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“What are you going to do? Arrest me?” she asks. “That’s hilarious.”

The confrontation escalates with the woman raising her voice at other bank customers, and that’s when it becomes physical.

The woman is taken down to the ground and arrested.”

The incident was covered by Fox News as well:

“A 65-year-old Texas woman found herself tackled and handcuffed after refusing to leave a Galveston Bank of America branch that requires customers to wear a coronavirus mask inside. 

A Galveston police officer arrived at the scene and told the woman, whom Fox 26 Houston later identified as Terry White, the situation.

Even as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has lifted a statewide mask mandate, private businesses are still allowed to implement their own mask rules, capacity limits, or other safety guidelines.

“Businesses have the right to refuse service even if you’re not wearing a mask,” the officer explains. “You need to go and get a mask and then take your money out.”

She accused the officer of “taking away people’s human rights” in bodycam video of the arrest.”

The elder woman is now charged with resisting arrest and criminal trespassing.

To conclude, she is being arrested for resisting arrest to a “crime” that isn’t actually a crime!

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Source: Fox News 

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