Texas Governor Greg Abbot Has A Devilish Surprise Waiting For Dems When They Return To The State…

From all smiles to all crying in a blink of an eye!

Texas Democrats are doing their best to block election integrity, the most wanted thing in America!
Numerous Dems fled the state and hopped on a private plane to stall a vote on election integrity, requiring voter ID.

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Below you can see a photo of a Communist Karens on a private plane. It must have been nice to be a liberal elite…

Do these people have to show ID to buy beer and board on the plane?

Ted Cruz commented on this:

It seems that the Karens are smiling now, but Governor Abbott keeps something that will make them all cry!
Can you guess what it is? – JAIL!

Fox News shared that Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas Republican, ripped off state Dems who went to Washington D.C. on Monday to deprive that Legislature of a quorum.

Abbott attended ‘’The Ingraham Angle’’ on Monday and defended the bill. He stated that the missing lawmakers would end behind bars once they come back to the state. Also, he added that Texas House of Representatives members who are in the state could call for the arrest of their coworkers who didn’t vote.

“Once they step back into the state, they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol, and we will be conducting business,” he announced.

Republicans stated that the contentious bill would give better election security, and the Dems charge would suppress voter turnout of minorities.

The second exodus is the second Dems lawmakers attempt to stage a walkout on the voting overhaul. It represents a measure of their opposition to proposals they thought would make it more challenging for young people, people of color, and disabled people to vote!

However, there isn’t a paved road for Dems to block the voting measures!

All of the bums have to be voted out of office. We, the Americans, are fed up with the silly political Dems games!

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