Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Ban Vaccine Passports

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, spoke to Fox & Friends on Friday and stated that people mustn’t be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine. According to him, it represented a personal choice.

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Ted Cruz introduced a bill that bans the vaccine passports. Also, it prohibits the Biden administration from mandating vaccines and thus create discrimination in employment.

You can read Senator Ted Cruz’s complete statement below.

“Sen. Ted Cruz: I think vaccines are terrific. I’ve had the vaccine myself. I think it’s given us a lot of freedom, but I think there’s a real potential for government overreach, and I don’t believe anyone should be forced to take the vaccine. It should be your personal choice.”

“You should make the choice based on your health, based on the decisions you want. ”

“I’ve introduced this week legislation that would, number one, prohibit any federal vaccine passport, prohibit the Biden administration from doing anything to mandate vaccines, but it also prohibits discrimination in employment. ”

“We’re seeing some places where employers are saying if you’re not vaccinated, you’re fired, and that ought to be illegal. Your health decisions are yours to make, and it shouldn’t be your boss. It shouldn’t be the government. It shouldn’t be anyone else forcing you to make those decisions. ” – From Resist The Mainstream 

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