Team Biden Adds Bizarre Digital Scene Outside “Fake Window” Behind Joe

A few months ago, Americans discovered that Biden has a set on the WH.

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The New York Post reported that the set with professional monitors and lighting is placed in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. That’s right across the White House.

It is used for events broadcast online, or they involve video conferencing. Biden has used it many times for his virtual C-19 summit with other leaders on September 22.

People reported that it was the fake White House, but fact-checkers checked the information and shared that it wasn’t.

Many Americans have found this weird, and it played into the ‘’Truman Show Presidency-vibe’’ that many claims Biden was projecting.

The set is back to the news! After one bizarre scene was spotted outside the digital window right behind Biden, it made headlines.

You have to see the fake window. It seems that Biden was talking about the supply chain, but why are the shipping containers right outside.?

Here are the online comments:

“He should do one on the gas crisis next and have the high gas prices in the background or maybe one on Afghanistan with helicopters pulling people off of roofs.”

“Everything about Joe Biden is fake” 

“Why this is done in the first place?”

“Everything they do is a mirage”

“It’s like they’re mocking us at this point. God, i cannot wait for midterms.”

“Do they take requests for background pictures?”

“Why shipping containers? Wtf. I refuse to watch him speak so I am lost on the sign but that is just, strange.”

“The Truman Show Part II”

This isn’t the only weird thing, it’s a culmination of many, and when we put all the things together, we will see what is happening.

We can’t blame Americans for talking weird things when it comes to Biden.

It isn’t normal for people to have a set!

Everything is so confusing.

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