Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall — CONFRONTING The So-Called “Elites”!

Why is there a pyramid with the top cut off on the US dollar bill???

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Many people ask why famous personalities have covered one eye or why they pose with their right hand in their pocket!

Some of these may be coincidences, but how could you explain this with Macron in France?

Symbolism will be their down fall…The Cabal is real wake up….#NWO #GreatReset #Cabal #Resistance

— Isaac’s Army (@ReturnOfKappy) April 29, 2022

It’s not fake nor edited!

It’s a bunch of elites posing to make the Illuminati pyramid symbol.

Why would they do that?

Symbolism represents their downfall!

Another angle:

Tulsi, is that really you?

Here’s the Devil Horns!

Maybe these are all big Texas Longhorn fans?

One eye covering:

Jackson doing the one eye:

It’s a sign or a symbol; why would someone otherwise pose like this?

How about Disney? They are steeped in the satanic ritual symbols.

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