Swedish Study Confirms Vaccine Alters DNA, Will Be Passed To Children Through Genetics [VIDEO]

Swedish experts exposed the truth

A study from Sweden confirmed that Pfizer shots can modify human DNA. The Department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University conducted the study. Authors did a good job investigating “the effect of BNT162b2 on the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro.”

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The COVID-19 plan worked like magic for globalists and they managed to gain full control over society. Well, almost. Millions of people have stood against their fake narrative. We won’t let them blackmail us. We won’t let them destroy our future and the future of our kids.

The plannedemic shut down the entire world. The economy suffered. A lot of people lost their jobs. Our loved ones died in cold hospitals. We weren’t even allowed to visit them.

Now they say that we should go through the same nightmare again. COVID mandates are staring at you and me. Joe Biden and people like him plan to use their mandates against us. Will they lock us in our homes again? Will they force us to live away from our families? Let’s say ‘no’ to COVID camps!

The worst part? COVID jabs. A bunch of so-called experts filled billions of tiny bottles with mystery liquid. They say these shots can prevent serious symptoms. Well, what about all the people who died after getting their COVID jab? These vaccines aren’t safe for us. Why would they use them on minors? Infants? When will the manslaughter end?

It’s time to gather all the useful information and protest against freaks who want to control our lives. Mega-rich elitists who follow their own rules. Elitists like Bill Gates and his friends. COVID jabs have killed people. It’s time to stand for our lives!

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