SUICIDE REPORT: A CEO Took His Own Life Due To Unbearable COVID-19 Symptoms

A moment of silence for all deaths as a result of this insane virus.

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Apart from the terrible symptoms and the “fast forward” worsened health situation this virus can cause, making the entire system fail in no time, it also causes grave mental issues.

The isolation, the weight it carries, being a health burden for your family and closest relatives, the loss of human touch and normal social contacts… it can all make a person standing on the edge of disaster.

And Kent Taylor, a successful businessman, CEO, and co-founder of Texas Roadhouse Inc., a successful and ongoing restaurant chain, committed a suicide, because he couldn’t stand the pressure of the COVID 19 symptoms anymore.

The family said that he took his own life after a long week of confrontation with coronavirus symptoms, such as severe tinnitus among all others.

“Kent battled and fought hard like the former track champion that he was, but the suffering that greatly intensified in recent days became unbearable,” the statement said.

“But in true Kent fashion, he always found a silver lining to help others. Most recently, he committed to fund a clinical study to help members of the military who also suffer from tinnitus,” the statement added.

For those who don’t know what tinnitus is – it is an unbearable sound, buzzing, and pressure in one or both ears, resulting in severe headaches and tremendous pain.

Even the restaurant chain, which started working back in 1983 and nowadays has more than 500 restaurants in 49 states, confirmed Taylor’s death on social media.

“We will miss you, Kent. Because of you and your dream of Texas Roadhouse, we get to say we love our jobs every day,” last Thursday the chain wrote in a Facebook post.

But, aside from being a successful businessman, Kent Taylor was a man of the people and a man FOR the people.

The lead director at the company, Greg Moore, said that Taylor did many selfless acts, and they were “no surprise to anyone who knew Kent and his strong belief in servant leadership.”

“He was without a doubt, a people-first leader. His entrepreneurial spirit will live on in the company he built, the projects he supported, and the lives he touched,” Moore added.

“Kent leaves an unmatched legacy as a people-first leader, which is why he often said that Texas Roadhouse was a people company that just happened to serve steaks,” he added in generous words. “He

changed the lives of hundreds of millions of employees and guests over the past 28 years. He also impacted hundreds of thousands of people through his generous and often anonymous donations.”

It was declared by the company that President Jerry Morgan would consider the role of the new CEO.

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Source: www.news10.com

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