Stunning New Poll On 2020 “Election Outcome” Is Dems Worst Nightmare Come True

The left can’t catch a break, and the conservatives don’t mind.

Rasmussen poll delt a gut-punch to the Dems by sharing that the Majority of Americans believe in the fraud of the 2020 election.

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See below.

It isn’t a shock to the Americans, but it wouldn’t be the same for the left, who want to continue as nothing happened!

The bad thing is that most Americans want to reveal the whole thing, and then they can move on!

Michigan Republicans are one example, and they want a forensic audit in their state.

MLive covered the story.

Members of the Michigan Republican Party are working with activists to demand another audit of the 2020 election, but party leaders and top GOP lawmakers argue it’s time to move on from relitigating the results.

Activists are collecting thousands of signatures on affidavits pressuring Republicans in control of the state House and Senate to request a “forensic audit” of the 2020 results. Michigan election officials already completed audits of the election, but former President Donald Trump’s supporters are unsatisfied. Seven months after Trump’s defeat, they’re looking for evidence that the race was “stolen.”

Trump and his supporters hope other states will follow the lead of Arizona, where the Republican-controlled state Senate ordered an audit of the swing state’s most populated county. The former president told supporters the audit will spark reviews in other battleground states he lost.

The AZ audit will overturn the U.S. upside down.

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