Student Films Teacher Bullying Unvaccinated Students

Tanner, 10th grade, from Washington’s Puyallup High School, recorded his biology teacher bulling the unvaccinated students. The teacher was furious because some students wore their masks improperly.

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Rocquel Stanley divided children, discriminating against unvaccinated students in her classroom.

She called these people different names and described them as selfish, and according to her, they shouldn’t be allowed to come to school. They were the ones spreading the virus across the school.

The teacher also stated that the unvaccinated students would kill everyone.

Take a look at the video:


These children are awesome, and they didn’t back down to a bully by a teacher. Stanley wanted to shame the students, but in fact, she ended up humiliating herself.

Her behavior towards the unvaccinated population shows her tactic to coerce minors into getting the shots. But, it won’t happen here, lady! Sorry!

Infowars reported:

In the video, students are heard telling the teacher they’re entitled to their own opinions, and she responds by saying they shouldn’t be allowed at school if they’re unvaccinated.

When a girl who is vaccinated stuck up for her peers, telling Stanley it’s their choice whether or not to get the jab, the teacher told her class, “You could create the variant that could kill millions of people… It is so selfish of people not to get the vaccine. You are killing people.”

One student argued that people were dying of Covid because they have weak immune systems, not because of unvaccinated individuals, and Stanley responded, “That’s not true!”

“There is zero reason not to have the vaccine,” the biology teacher told her students. “If you don’t get the vaccine, you get sick, you could make a variant that would literally kill everybody on the planet.”

The teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave, but the school’s vice-principal allegedly tried to get Tanner’s mother to delete the video before it went viral.

On Sunday, the student who took the video joined The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH with his mother Tanya.

Tanya told her son Tanner to record the Puyallup High teacher after she made similar comments about vaccines in the past.

Tanner explained that the teacher’s rant was sparked by students who didn’t have their masks pulled all the way over their noses.

“She said one of her friend’s friends died from COVID and ‘if he had the vaccine, then he would have lived.’ Then I said that’s not true,” Tanner told Rantz Show.

After hearing what the teacher told Tanner’s class, Tanya went to the school and talked with assistant principal Cassie Ridenour who told her to delete the footage.

Ridenour lists her pronouns as “she/her/they/them,” and is a self-described “Abolitionist Educator in Training.”

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