STRIKING: Reasons Why You HAVE TO Protect Yourself From The Vaccine!

We are living in a time of a plandemic, where a deadly virus is circling! The virus’s survival rate is 99.9%, which shows you will pass the virus as the ordinary flu!

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You don’t have to wear two masks at the same time. You are harming yourself unconsciously.

At this moment, humans’ lives are the Twilight Zone!

But, not everything is so black! We are awake! There is a tremendous difference between ‘woke’ and ‘awake”.
We weren’t even asleep! All those who believe in the deadly virus won’t suffer anymore, and we will save them!

I am awake to the evils on this planet and the people’s mean agenda. Those evil people are like Bill Gates and George Soros!  We aren’t puppets, and you won’t play with the innocent people and with us!

Bill Gates and George Soros printed them on giant tablets and placed them in front of people’s eyes! When we are here, do you know something about Georgia Guidestones?

We won’t directly tell you that one of these people is behind the Georgia Guidestones, but something stinks here!

However, carving your intention into massive stone tablets, where you plan to lower the population below 500,000, is a HORRIBLE AGENDA!

Now we have to move on to our topic! Is the vaccine only one drop in the ocean? I have chosen precisely this metaphor because the ocean represents the depopulation agenda of the evil influential people, and the drop means the vaccine. This perfectly depicts our case!

Numerous people think that the abovementioned comment is accurate. Precisely because of this, someone listed 40 different reasons why we should refuse to get the vaccine!

I love these people!

The author of the list is Adam D. in WA State, and we have to praise him!

Be sure to share these reasons with your family and friends.


What is happening across the globe right now is more important than ever before.

Humanity is at the precipice of a turning point that can lead to two very different realities.

The individual decisions that people make could affect the lives of many more, but more importantly, it could affect their own health and livelihood for the rest of their known lives, so I share all of this strictly from a place of love and concern for all people.

I’m not here to tell anybody how to live their life or what free-will decision they should be making, as that is always up the individual, but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share what I KNOW to be true about the vaccine story.

*Spread this far and wide to EVERYONE who will read it, especially those that don’t know any better.

Get it into the hands of large accounts with thousands of followers.

Let’s get this list to 100 reasons!

Feel free to edit it, add to it, or modify it to fit with the way you speak.



1. We love you tremendously and wish ONLY for your good health and CONTINUED well-being.

2. It would break our hearts if that were to change because of a side effect of a ‘vaccine’ shot for a virus with a 99.9x% recovery rate.

3. For your age group theres a 0.0x% chance of dying. If you caught it, you would naturally beat it with zero human/medical intervention.

4. I know people who have caught Covid and survived with no complications. They just said it was like a body-flu.

5. Some of your most loved ones will NOT be taking this vaccine under ANY circumstances.

6. A ‘Corona’ virus is in the common cold/flu family and has been around for hundreds/thousands of years.

7. There have been ZERO flu cases in this state in 2021 thus far, and thus ZERO flu deaths for the first time in history. Where’d they go?

8. There are common vitamins such as Vitamin C, D, and E, plus Zinc that have wonderful results in warding off the common Coronavirus without the risks and unknowns of a vaccine. Plus there are well-established drugs like Hydrochloroquine, which has made the Top 10 list of SAFEST DRUGS for 70+ years now.

9. Our government does NOT have your best interest in mind and they don’t care about your safety, health, or well-being no matter what their words might say.

10. This pandemic was NEVER about the safety of citizens around the globe. It is about compliance, control and power to usher in the Great Reset and the Globalist-Elites continued pursuit of their New World Order.

11. If you were to get this ‘vaccine’ they will STILL require you to wear a mask and social distance, despite the fact that others have also been ‘vaccinated’ because again, this has NOTHING to do with the virus.

12. Previously respected agencies are now running entirely on political agendas instead of basic scientific fact. The CDC (Center for Disease control) and WHO (World Health Organization) are both PRIVATE companies and NOT part of any government organization. And guess who largely funds them…? Bill Gates, among other ill-intentioned billionaires/trillionaires…

13. On the official CDC website, to keep the historical statistics accurate, a couple months ago they ‘updated’ their (fake) 2020 Covid death statistics to include only deaths that were caused FROM Covid, rather than dying WITH Covid (death was caused from something else), which lowered the covid death count by 92%!! Meaning the Covid death count is hundreds of thousands off. But the media didn’t bother pointing that out and still continue to push the fake Covid death count.

14. The ‘vaccine’ is not actually a vaccine as it does not provide immunity. It contains no live virus like other shots do. It’s a medical injection. And you do not need a medical injection for a medical illness you don’t have.

15. The injection is not guaranteed to protect you from contracting Covid. Many folks who’ve received it have still contracted Covid.

16. Assuming the shot actually works, the presumed benefits are minimal and would not last long in any case. However, the negatives can hang around for a lifetime. They are already talking about yearly shots and additional shots for the ever-increasing number of new variants and of new ‘vaccines’.

17. A vaccine that hasn’t been proven safe can do irreparable damage to those who opt to be inoculated. A ‘vaccine’ that DOESN’T work could likely do more to spread Covid-19 than having no vaccine at all.

18. This group of ‘vaccines’ are the fastest to ever be released to the public. Only 10-12 months vs 5+ years in trials!

19. The vaccine manufacturers have listed the potential dangerous side effects from their Stage 3 trials, of which 91% of folks experienced basic side effects that lasted up to 6 days including injection site pain, swelling, redness, itching, rashes, hives, heart palpitations, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea, fever, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, and respiratory symptoms, while others experienced much more severe reactions, including allergic reactions, Anaphylaxis, Bells Pallsy, paralysis, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, and rare blood disorders like acute immune thrombocytopenia (deep vein thrombosis). They state that if patients have an allergic reactions to the first shot they should NOT received the second shot.

20. Moderna in particular, has NEVER made a vaccine of ANY kind for humans, period.

21. 20+ countries have banned the Astra Zeneca vaccine due to the number of deaths it’s caused!

22. Over 3800 people have died from the current vaccines after only 90 days!

23. New vaccine technology will likely mean new kinds of vaccine injuries because there’s never been a licensed mRNA vaccine before. Since the vaccines were developed so quickly (under emergency use), with such short clinical trials, the long-term injuries are a complete unknown.

24. mRNA injections are the first vaccines in history to intervene directly in patients’ genetic material and alter it (hi-jacking your cells). Injecting the body with mRNA strands, which are essentially protein synthesis instructions, could theoretically unleash catastrophic unintended consequences in the body, posing problems when it comes to health, ethics and morality. This is uncharted territory…. You are essentially playing Russian Roulette with your life due to auto-immune reactions where the body’s cells are inadvertently or maliciously programmed to attack critical proteins required for normal health such as hormones, enzymes, and antibodies, which can drastically affect fertility and neurological functions, etc.

25. Side effects of an mRNA vaccine would not become apparent until months or years after the initial injection. These adverse events are likely to be systemic, not acute. The genetic damage that mRNA vaccines can cause would be IRREVERSABLE and IRREPAIRABLE. Genetic defects simply CANNOT be removed from the body.

26. The mainstream media is our worst enemy. They maliciously lie to us about nearly EVERYTHING. And it\’s not just some networks or major newspapers, its ALL of them. They are all complicit because they are all owned by the same few elite globalists.

27. The establishment insists these injections are safe, however, they can’t/don’t know this for the same reasons previously stated above– there have been no long-term tests. It is thought that most negative health effects won’t happen for 4-18+ months after injection. This is when the injection will be most dangerous– after you’ve made your decision and it’s too late

28. The big pharma companies have ZERO liability. NONE. If there is a severe systemic reaction to complications, such as having seizures, full body rashes, you end up partially paralyzed or with Bell’s Palsy, or have neurological disorders for the rest of your known life, or even if it kills you, thats too bad– They are 100% protected and cannot be sued under ANY circumstances. They quite literally have nothing to lose and only money to gain.

29. Politicians and Big Tech are now the ones giving citizens ‘expert’ advice on a brand new types of injections. Should they be trusted over real medical professionals, or over your loved ones who TRULY CARE about your well-being?

30. Bill Gates comes from a long line of known Eugenists and believes the world has too many people and needs to be “depopulated”. He has later stated that, “A worldwide vaccine would be the quickest route to achieve this”. He’s made these statements PUBLICLY on video more than once. Gates himself, and his family have NOT been injected.

31. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is BANNED from entering India and a few countries in Africa for paralyzing tens of thousands of their children with their Polio ‘vaccine’.

32. ‘Dr.’ Fauci is a life-long FRAUD. He is the HIGHEST PAID government employee (including the president). He doesn’t care about citizens and will lie to our faces repeatedly to push his nefarious agenda thats based on greed, money, and power. He personally funded (along with Bill Gates) the Wuhan Virus Lab in China= Wu Flu.

33. Dr. Fauci made it appear that he got a shot on television, but he didn’t. It was faked.

34. Kary Mullis, the gentleman who won a Nobel prize in the 90’s for inventing the PCR tests that Fauci is now using to (falsely) test for Covid, has called Fauci a fraud, a phony, and a big dummy publicly and has challenged him to debates on stage many times, which Fauci has always declined. And this was 25 years ago!

35. This is the most widespread marketing (propaganda) campaign in history. The media, politicians, celebrities, and mega corporations are hyping this as the coolest, smartest, and best thing to do, saying, “It is the ticket to your freedom”. The ENTIRE system is complicit.

36. Anybody who raises concerns about the ‘vaccine’ are bullied, banned, slandered, mocked, censored, threatened, or fired from their jobs. This includes ANY medical professionals who have REAL science-based EVIDENCE. When has truth and morality ever turned out to be on the side of the establishment??

37. In the 1940s during the holocaust, many of the citizens WILLINGLY took a ride to their own death because they TRUSTED the men in uniforms when they said, “We are going to take you here for ‘your own safety’.” Sound familiar?

38. Our eternal CREATOR with his infinite intelligence did not design our immune system ‘wrong’. Those with form do not know better than the formless from which they came.

39. You know better than anyone what is good or not good for yourself. No one is more of an expert on your OWN body than you are.

40. More than anything, again, we just want you to lead a good healthy life just as you do TODAY and most EVERYDAY. There is never a moment that we do not love you forever.  That you can be certain of.

-Originally written by Adam D. in WA state, US — 4/21.”

Great job, Adam!

Thank you for the helpful list, and we hope that it will save our population.

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