Strange Clips of Joe Emerge – Something’s Not Right

Two video recordings from last night’s speech of Vice President Joe Biden have gone viral on the internet.

The first one is a video of the speech from behind the scenes.

Many people suspected Biden’s speech was pre-recorded, and it is not likely that this video will convince them otherwise.

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This clip shows a “crowd” of people taking pictures of the “president.” Yet, it’s a small crowd with no real “press” at the spot.

What we see are what seem to be White House photographers and members of Biden’s staff gathered around the room’s massive teleprompter.

On the other hand, Biden appears to decline holding a press conference.

That teleprompter is what Joe’s life and death depend on, and he can’t function without it…

To be honest, he can’t work with the pre-typed terms.

The clip from behind the scenes has a “lights, camera, action” vibe.

More than 50 days have passed since Biden has spoken to the press in an official capacity – the longest from any other “president”.

That’s not something to be proud of.

The next video is also disturbing.

It’s a recording of Biden leaving the podium after delivering his message.

Take a notice of how trembling, week, and feeble this poor man is as he shuffles away with his head bowed.

Here are people’s reactions to both clips:

Can you even imagine what they inject him with beforehand?!?”

“Oh, he had a massive medical cocktail. Probably won’t be able to even open his eyes today.”

“That giant tv prompter and no questions to ask… what a joke”

“Took no questions again, says he will be answering questions in the days to come. believe it when i see it.”

“If you’re trying to project weakness, Joe’s your guy”

“Come on Dems do really think this guy is all there&this is an above board presidency?Dementia Joe can’t put five words together.He spent all day yesterday practicing”

“Cheater in Chief”

“no press. just approve white house photographers”

Biden’s mental capabilities aren’t the only thing that seems to not work; he doesn’t look as he is physically present, too.

Besides the media and Democrats saying it isn’t a problem, the American people can see the true situation.

This is a person who, I think, is suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and who is not mentally or physically capable of taking care for himself, let alone the country.

We’re both aware of what’s going on. We can see it and hear it through our own senses. Now, the doubt is how much longer Biden’s handlers will allow this to happen.

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Source: The True Defender 

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