Steve Bannon Sounds The Alarm, Says To Prepare for a Transition to Kamala Harris

Steve Bannon warned us all

In his convo with Author Mike McCormick and National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on The War Room, Bannon told Americans to prepare for the transition from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris.

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You saw this coming, right?

Bannon discussed Biden’s physical and mental health, adding that his “eyes are now dead.” Harris has a much bigger role than any other vice president.

“Kamala Harris is printed up in playbooks, always there for these meetings,” Bannon said as he explained how Harris is involved with a large amount of meetings. “Pence was never that. That’s not the roll of the vice president.”

Here’s the video.

Bannon speaks for us all.

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, conservative podcast host and former Secret Service member Dan Bongino fired his shots. He had a nice conversation with Secret Service members close to Biden, so yes, he is telling the truth.

According to Bongino, Biden’s health is much worse than we first thought. The US President “is in real significant trouble.”

“It was something I was getting from my sources,” Bongino said. “Sean, it gives me absolutely no joy in saying this. And I mean that. He is in real significant trouble, Joe Biden. And listen to me. everyone around him. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. This is the scandal that they’re not telling you – how bad his condition really is… I’m telling you from what I’m hearing from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. Everyone. It’s not a mystery, it is the worst kept secret in the White House.”

That would be a cover-up,” Hannity said.

Watch the video on Rumble.

Bongino made his comments right after House Democrats requested to limit Biden’s access to nuclear codes. Fishy, right?

In his letter, Democratic California Rep. Jimmy Panetta requested that nuke codes should be shared with members of the Biden administration.

“Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” the letter said. “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment.”

“While any president would presumably consult with advisors before ordering a nuclear attack, there is no requirement to do so,” the letter continued. “The military is obligated to carry out the order if they assess it is legal under the laws of war. Under the current posture of U.S. nuclear forces, that attack would happen in minutes.”

The Daily Caller reported on the case”

The letter suggests alternative plans, such as requiring the president to get approval for a launch order from other officials in the line of succession. This includes the vice president and the Speaker of the House, “neither of whom can be removed by the president if they disagree.

Some officials pushed for former President Donald Trump’s nuclear launch code access to be revoked following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi considered asking the military to prevent Trump from accessing the nuclear codes in order to prevent “an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike,” a statement sent from Pelosi to House Democrats said.

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