Steve Bannon Has An Epic Response To Home Being ‘Swatted’ Over False Report He Shot Someone [VIDEO]

Was Steve Bannon’s home swatted?

Several reports suggested that the home of Donald Trump’s advisor was swatted over a false report to the police claiming that Bannon was armed and shot someone.

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The Washington Post reported that the incident took place on July 8. The police said “someone called a crisis hotline and reported a man inside the rowhouse in the 200 block of A Street NE had shot someone and had a firearm.”

There’s a video of Bannon’s home and the response of the police. This action blocked the streets around the Capitol and the Supreme Court for an hour.

Watch the video on Rumble.

No one got hurt and Bannon said that “the police were terrific.” However, he didn’t provide more info.

Well, Bannon reportedly shared a different story in his convo with Breitbart.

MPD Assistant Chief Jeffery Carrol told the media that responding officers went inside Bannon’s home and made sure everyone was safe.

“They were a little bit shocked, but obviously they understood why we were tere.”

“Swatting” can sometimes result in a disaster. Someone tried to mess with Bannon’s family and maybe even kill him.

Remember when Tim Pool was “swatted” twice in two weeks in January?

The names of Bannon and Pool are listed in an article made by Nandini Jammi. The cancel-culture advocate blamed Pool, Bannon, and a few other people for Capitol riots.

On January 18, Jammi tweeted, “Laughing my ass off at Tim Pool DMing my business partner his legal threats because he’s scared of me.”

As you all know, Pool was “swatted” seven hours after Jammi tweeted this.

Stew Peters was swatted a few months ago, too.

Who is the next target?

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