Star Of The Music Industry Rihanna Wore A T-Shirt That Led Some To Believe She Backed Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj got some support

Nicki did something to shock millions of people around the globe. She tried to expose liberals’ “wrong think” campaign. As you all know, people are not allowed to leave the Dem plantation. They are not allowed to be “independent” and “different” while on the Dem plantation. Masters do all the thinking.

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Well, this narrative will soon disappear. Nicki had the courage to question the deadly jab and we’d all agree that this is one of the biggest no-nos we have ever seen. Democrats decided to strike back and now they exposed a “wrong think” mindset within their own party.

Nicki got an army of supporters and Randy Jackson is one of them.

Rihanna was seen wearing a nice T-shirt. It reads, “Think While It’s Still LEGAL.” Did she just support Nicki?

The 33-year-old traveled to NYC on Friday and jumped straight to her recording studio. Everyone is waiting for her ninth studio album.

The superstar paired her T-shirt with “baggy blue trousers and slouchy metallic pointy-toe boots.”

Was this a coincidence? I guess a lot of celebrities will follow the move.

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Source: The True Defender

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