[VIDEO] “Staged Pandemic”: MSHFD Warns The World!

Dr. Andrew Kaufman from the U.S. confirmed that the additional death cases had never occurred.

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He explains,” A pure virus that gave birth to a new disease has never existed. There is no need for a vaccine. There weren’t any additional death cases.”

Brave doctors unified against “COVID FRAUD.”

These doctors are questioning the pandemic’s existence. However, the brave doctors from the USA, England, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, and German medical journalist, decided to speak up in their video. This medical crew is unified by the concern caused by “COVID-19 Fraud” and its early produced vaccine.

COVID-19 is comparable to the flu.

Dr. Johan Denis from Belgium, among everything else, explains that the coronavirus is comparable to the flu regarding the aspect of harmfulness, deadliness, and transmission.

By sharing wrong numbers, the media are scaring the citizens. With their acts, the media are promoting this unsafe vaccination.

According to all the doctors involved, it is about the money, not the health problems.

The latest book of Professor Sucharit Bhakdi reveals that the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous.

The name of the book is “Corona, False Alarm? Facts And Figures.” There, he issues how the latest mRNA vaccine could affect the body cells. The disturbing professional estimation of the immunologist: he fears that this new kind of vaccine could activate the blood clots in the human body.

The consequences would be devastating. In the video of the “Respect plus” discussion, professors Andreas Sonnichsen and Martin Haditsch discuss the most significant human experiment of all time and the catastrophic consequences that the vaccine could possibly have.

“Sucharit Bhakdi was born on November 1, 1946, in Washington, a German specialist in microbiology and epidemiology of infections. He was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz until his retirement. From 1991 to 2012, he was Institute for Medicine Microbiology and Hygiene’s chief. “

A famous American doctor, together with Bhakdi, compared the patients’ blood count before and after the vaccination. The image was alarming! More than 50% of those cases that came to the intensive care after receiving the vaccine had increased coagulation factors.

The blood coagulation that the mRNA vaccine causes could lead to paralyzing, stroke, blindness, and even death, explained professor Bhakdi.

Humans instead of a guinea pig?

Professor Haditsch is, in fact, a vaccine supporter, and he rules the vaccination center. But, he is a skeptic regarding the coronavirus vaccination. He criticizes the fact that the vaccine mRNA, until today, hasn’t been adequately examined in the studies. For example, animal experiments, which usually should be implemented in the early stage of the vaccine study, have simply been left out. Instead, now, the vaccine will be tested on humans.

He also criticizes the lack of transparency and the lack of data quality, making the real estimation of consequences harder. Scientific interest should focus on the consequences and damages from the vaccine.

The consequences for the target group of 70+ aren’t determined in the studies.

“We don’t know anything about the long-lasting effects of this vaccine,” warns professor Sonnichsen from the Medical University of Vienna. Firstly, the vaccine’s effect on the endangered group above 70 wasn’t determined in the studies that usually were conducted in the two /three months. The aim must be the protection precisely of this group, where the coronavirus is often fatal.

It is unknown how the vaccine affects the target group. Simultaneously, inadequately tested vaccines would expose the younger population to the risk of unwanted effects, even though the infection with the coronavirus usually has minor or doesn’t influence them.

Sonnichsen called it “absurd,” because based on it, mandatory vaccination from the back door, as it is provided electronic regulation, should be issued for the entire Austrian society.

A lawsuit against Christian Drosten, Lothar H. Wieler, and WHO!

In the middle of the law estimation are “fake facts claiming” (from Fuellmich) of the virologist and director of Berlin’s Charite, professor Christian Drosten, and the PCR-test he established for detecting the viruses of SARS-Cov-2. The so-called Drosten test, explains Fuellmich, on the one hand, was a draft for all the following tests for PCR, and on the other hand, thanks to the WHO’s recommendations, was among the first to place worldwide. Resulting from it, it became a subject of the corresponding states’ responsibility.

“The public portraying of Mr. Drosten and Mr. Wieler is that if someone tested positive, he is infected. That isn’t correct.”– explains Fuellmich.

Why don’t they analyze more points of view?

Bhagdi, a member of the board of Medical Professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom, and Democracy Association (MSHFD), as well as of the corresponding board of the Great Barrington Declaration, an international initiative that conducts campaigns for directed protection instead of over dominating COVID-19 measures, emphasize that one point of view should never serve as a foundation for making decisions and action, and other points of view always must be considered.

The argumentation that he shared with the attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – also sees that the main principle “Audiatur et altera pars – listen to the other side” has been disturbed.

Now, we can hope that the fear will step down its place to the mind and that this main principle will have more attention in the future.

Doctors’ list:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Medical Director of The Center for Dermatology Care in Thousand Oaks, California, and is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

  • Dr. Hilde DE SMET- Med. Doctor from Belgium
  • Dr. Nils R. FOSSE – Med. Doctor from Norway
  • Dr. Elizabeth Evans – Med. Doctor from England
  • Dr. Mohammad Adil – Med. Doctor from England
  • Dr. Vernon Coleman – a doctor from England
  • Professor Dolores Cahill – Irish molecular biologist and immunologist
  • Dr. Zac Cox – Speciality Dental Surgeon and a Homeopathic Doctor
  • Dr. Anna Forbes – Med. Doctor from England
  • Dr. Ralf Sundberg- Med. Doctor from Sweden
  • Dr. Johan Denis- Med. Doctor and Homeopathic Doctor from Belgium
  • Dr. Daniel Cullum – a Doctor of Chiropractic.
  • Dr. Moritz von der Borch – Med. Doctor from Germany
  • Dr. Anna Fierlafijn- Med. Doctor from Belgium
  • Dr. Thomas Kouan – Med. Doctor from the USA
  • Dr. Kevin Corbett – retired nurse and Scientist for Health from England
  • Dr. Carrie Madej- Med. Doctor from the USA
  • Dr. Barre Lando – Doctor from the USA
  • Kate Shemirani- a nurse from England
  • Sandy Lunoe – a pharmacist from Norway
  • Boris Dragin – licensed acupuncturist from Sweden
  • Dr. Piotr Rubas – Med. Doctor from Poland
  • Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo- Med. Doctor from Spain
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar – Med. Doctor from the USA
  • Dr. Nour de San- Med Doctor from Belgium
  • Dr. Kelly Brogan – Med. Doctor from the USA
  • Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis – Metaphysician from England
  • Dr. Sherry Tenpenny – Med. Doctor from the USA
  • Senta Depuydt – Belgian journalist
  • Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson – Med. Doctor from Germany
  • Dr. Mikael Nordfors – Med. Doctor from Sweden
  • Dr. Elke DE KLERK –Med. Doctor from the Netherlands

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