Spot-On: One Funny and Savvy Trump Supporter Just Figured Out The “Formula” With Biden and Election Audits

Hilarious, but accurate!

The left is driven insane by everything going on now, with audits and voter integrity law.

As new information comes out of Georgia, a lot of people, even the most skeptical ones, are seriously questioning what happened in 2020.

Although we still do not have all the facts in one spot, and the picture is not completely formed yet, most of the pieces of the puzzle are already on the table.

The picture is in the mind’s eye of numerous people on the right, but we need to go beyond that, obviously, and create that big beautiful puzzle with as many pieces as possible clicking in place.

This is starting to happen with what the AZ audit, and of course, what the bipartisan election group discovered in GA and also, the audit they want to do in PA.

The Dems must be terrified!

Therefore, they are desperately shuffling him onto Air Force One, and shipping him to PA to give one of the most desperate-sounding political speeches on “voter ID” and audits ever!

The funny tweet from a pro-Trump account showcases the “formula” Joe’s Handlers are using right now to fight audits, and it is absolutely true!

Here’s the meme:



It’s hilarious, but it is correct!

Here are some of the comments:

“Yes, this is a funny meme, but it’s true and very telling” 

“When we find out he is illegitimate do we really need to keep calling him president?”

“Okay, this is funny as heck, but we all know it’s true” 

“Gosh, when you think about it this way it’s actually really telling isn’t it?” 

“He didn’t have to be passionate about winning, it was already in the bag, but he does need to be passionate about hiding that bag” 

“funny. but sadly, this is actually true.” 

“This is actually hilarious but really spot on point.” 

During the campaign season, Biden rarely crawled out of his basement …and when he did, it was either laughable or forgettable.

Yet, this fool’s “campaign” against election integrity and audits is probably the most “powerful” and “passionate” we’ve ever seen!

And this tells a lot about things, doesn’t it?




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