Spike Protein Syndrome Is Sweeping The Nation! Long-Lasting Side Effects From SP: Clogging Blood & Vital Organs!

Don’t trust the WebMD regarding health-related concerns. However, this time their customer-for-life backlash killed them for the deadly Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

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They shared that the vaccines were lab-made and were completely safe and effective for use. You won’t hear them sharing news about the side effects of the vaccine. Also, there, you won’t hear news about natural remedies, health, and natural immunity. Why? That doesn’t bring money.

The vaccinated people share that the Spike Protein Syndrome is the new Pandemic and it has long-lasting side effects on the people’s organism once injected in them. The proteins contaminate the lungs, brain, and crucial cleansing organs.

The toxic proteins stick to the inner walls of the blood vessels, causing heart overwork; the central nervous system will send warning shots across the body.

The spike proteins will cause chronic inflammation, sickness, and severe diseases, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and dementia.

The COVID-19 shot won’t stop the transmissibility and won’t strengthen the immunity. What the shot will cause is a weaker organism, unable to fight even the most straightforward virus.

More than 200 million Americans struggle with Covid-19 vaccines’ toxic spike proteins clogging the blood vessels and vital organs.

No matter which vaccine you will get, spike proteins will clog your blood and vital organs. It isn’t discriminating because it attacks children, different races, and physical fitness levels.

Below you can read the complaints about the side effects of the vaccines.

WebMD shared that everything could be guilty for the side effects, except the vaccines. They are safe and effective!

Vaccines aren’t the best solution to stop the Pandemic because they aren’t healing anything but dampen symptoms to a tolerable level when the problem’s roots are more severe.

Nowadays, everything can be found online, so as the vaccine’s victims. The damages are enormous and widespread, and no one could possibly hide the side effects.

WebMD shares what MSM reports on TV.

You have to be aware of the power of natural immunity, and don’t take the experimental laboratory-made jab. If you are among the people who got the vaccine and struggled with SPS, you can share your narrative on Pandemic. news.

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