Sources Say President Trump Has A Bone To Pick With Defense Team

Sources claim that President Trump was enraged by the performance of his legal team on day one of the sham impeachment trial 

A classic example of a job awfully done!

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There are times in life when you can’t do anything to make things better, and that is just the way it has to be, without blaming anyone.

Well, this time this is not the case.

Informants close to President Trump report that he is ENRAGED by his defense team because of their dreadful performance at the opening of the trial.

A trial that should have not to happen in the first place because it was unconstitutional…..

It was reported that he is especially furious at Castor, and he is right; he performed like he was at a CCP public shaming trial apologizing before the party!

A huge mistake in conducting a defense, for sure.

See it for yourself:

Here is a report in The Daily Wire:

“Former President Donald Trump is reportedly “furious” with the way that his impeachment defense team performed on day one of his Senate trial.

“Two sources in fact, who spent time with the former president today described him as being quote, ‘furious and beyond angry’ with his impeachment defense team,” Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke reported. “He was especially upset with attorney Bruce Castro, as you pointed out for his quotes, rambling opening argument. The former president spending the day watching the trial from inside his private quarters at Mar-A-Lago, no golf with the very same plan for tomorrow.”

More information was presented in The Red State Observer:

“Trump’s impeachment defense team gave their opening arguments today, and let’s just say that things did not go well. The Democrat House impeachment managers had an expertly produced video montage ready to go, with Rep. Raskin leading the charge with a decent, if not disgustingly manipulative speech. What Trump got as his rebuttal to the charges leveled was a lot of meandering by Bruce Castor.

Alan Dershowitz was not impressed.  

At one point, Castor appeared to assert that the prosecution’s case was so great that he had to change his defense at the last second. Yeah, that’s not something he should be conceding.”

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Source: Npr

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