Something Strange Has Happened To Kamala Harris’ Arms

Is this her happy dance?!

What happened to this lady? “Lady.”

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The so-called Vice President talked to a small group of Democrat supporters in the Bronx and people couldn’t ignore her arm motion. Harris acted as if she has terrible malfunction.

That’s not all. Harris also did a shocking Biden impersonation. Was this her regular mental breakdown? Harris has these every time she takes the podium. Some would say this was a side effect of the COVID-19 jab. Feel free to make your guess.

Harris delivered her speech in the Bronx and discussed Creepy Joe’s plans. That’s when protestors heckled her position on climate change.

MSN reported this:

Outrage grows after conservative host’s remarks on reporter’s Asian features
China vows no concessions on Taiwan after Biden comments

Vice President Kamala Harris was delivering a speech in the Bronx when a protester stood up and began shouting something about climate change, drownings and the “right to infrastructure.”

“You are right, brother,” Harris responded.

“I am right about that,” the man shouted back.

“I know you are, and how about you and I talk about that –” Harris said.

The protester then asked her about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, though it was difficult to understand the exact nature of the question.

“You and I will talk after I give my comments, and I’m happy to talk with you,” Harris said.

We give you “Joe Biden.”

Get used to this, people. Things will only go downhill from this point. Harris and her team can’t win the battle against truth. They can’t go against decent people.

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