Someone’s Uploading Damning “Afghanistan” Photos Of Biden On An Electronic Billboard In NC

We can see three damning images of Biden in the billboards rotations! We have chosen a favorite!

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Some photos are shared on the internet where one hacker controls Wilmington, North Carolina’s billboard.
We aren’t sure it is a hack or someone purchased the space on the electronic billboard. The photos are epic!

See below:

National file reported a digital billboard in North Caroline has been hacked or purchased to show a manipulative image of Biden eating ice cream with a facial expression while our helicopter leaves Afghanistan. We found multiple reports about the image of Biden licking ice cream, and Afghanistan is burning. Another older image went viral, where Biden is at the WH while his administration alluded to his elusive weekend ignoring the media because the Taliban took control over Afghanistan.

The billboard is close by the Marker Street and Eastwood Road intersection, the second busiest intersection in the city.

Precisely the image from that billboard went viral immediately! Some people think it was hacked, but others believe it was purchased to mock Biden and his ignorance of the Afghans’ pains.

Below you can read the comments about the billboard.

“Money well spent”

“This is what makes America great.”

“God Bless my state”

“Now that is Classic!”

“God Bless the patriots who did that!”

“Making billboards great again” 

“Ice cream Joe’s failures put on blast, you love to see it” 

Here’s the video of the image.

Biden created a disaster for America!

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