SMOKING GUN: CDC Data Reveals Excess Mortality Spikes Following More Shots (They’re Not COVID Deaths)

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Dr. Richard Fleming: “The vaccines showed no statistical reduction in the EUA document of reducing COVID, and the absolute data now shows us that the consequence of this vaccine program has been the production of every one of these diseases.”

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Total Number of Deaths Above Average Since 2/1/2020, By Cause of Death

Respiratory Diseases
Influenza and Pneumonia – 3,655
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease – 3,213
Other Diseases of the Respiratory System – 7,596

Circulatory Diseases

Ischemic Heart Disease – 33,111
Heart Failure -10,814
Cerebrovascular Diseases -34,492
Other Diseases of the Circulatory System -14,328
Hypertensive Diseases – 66,582

Malignant Neoplasms (Cancerous Tumor) -14,583

Alzheimer Disease and Dementia – 72,916

Other Select Causes
Diabetes – 40,510
Renal Failure – 5,888
Sepsis – 2,840

The video is available here.

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