Singer Aaron Lewis Leads Crowd in “F*** Joe Biden” Chant During Concert

Americans are raising their voices, and nobody loves Joe Biden,

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Every social gathering includes the song F*** Joe Biden! And they are becoming louder.

Aaron Lewis leads the crowd to his concert, singing the exact same song! One thing is for sure: Biden wasted five decades from his life to reach this position only to see what a failure he is.

Newsweek reported:

Singer Aaron Lewis led a crowd of people to chant “f**k Joe Biden” during a concert in Pennsylvania, videos posted on social media by fans showed.

Lewis, lead singer of the rock group Staind who became a solo country artist, is a frequent critic of the president and has been wearing “Fuck Biden,” “Impeach Biden” and “I could s**t a better president” clothing while performing on stage in recent weeks.

While appearing at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton on Saturday, September 25, Lewis called on the crowd to sing out “F**k Joe Biden,” with the chant recently being heard across several college football stadiums and other public events throughout September.

Clips of the chants breaking out at sports events have been posted on social media by the Old Row Sports Twitter account.

See below:

The chant is very trending, and it won’t slow down:

The events are the same throughout the entire country.

Americans won’t tolerate the Biden regime, and they will push for their elimination even stronger.

Not so long ago, Biden said that 99% of the vaccinated population can get their lives back to normal.

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