Shocking: What’s Being Secretly Built Right Outside The Capitol Building?

One man went to Capitol Hill to record the massive ongoing construction 

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American society has become full of deceit, mistrust, manipulation, and lies. Therefore, is there anything that can still surprise you?

Don’t you have the feeling that something terribly bad is constantly done behind our backs?

In our own country, with our own money and resources? Have you seen this picture floating around online yet?

What do you think? Is there a massive construction project happening right outside the Capitol building? What’s the truth behind it all? Are they digging up secret tunnels?

Well, a man who lives in D.C. took his camera and hiked up there. In the video description, he wrote:

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“Many of you have been sending me a photograph of ongoing construction at the US Capitol. It’s pretty massive–like a huge hole to the East of the US Capitol that indicates something nefarious is ongoing. However, this photo is not current and so that you can see that, I decided to drive over to Capitol Hill in the rain and snow (didn’t feel like walking) so you can see for yourself, well best as you can, given the fences and police and National Guard.”

So, why don’t you just watch the video below?


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