SHOCKING: Violent Youths Force Their Way Into Apartment In Minneapolis, Viciously Beat Teen And Her Mother (Video)

Joe Biden supports felons and they are even more violent now…

Crime flourishes in Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco. Criminals go unpunished for their acts. It’s almost impossible to walk safely…

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A mother and her daughter know this really well. These two were attacked inside their living room in their home in Minneapolis.

A group of masked criminals entered the apartment, beat the mother and her daughter, and ran away.

To make things worse, one of the thugs recorded the attack and posted it online.

Was this a targeted attack? The violent mob approached the apartment and forced its way in. One of the thugs knocked on the door and eased the way for his friends.

The mother said, “How did you get into mu house?” The gang didn’t waste any time.

Why would these people post the video online?

If you have any useful information, contact the the Minneapolis Police Department here.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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