Shocking Video Reveals How Organized Cartels Are Smuggling Humans With Biden’s Open Border Policies

Joe Biden did nothing to stop the flow of immigrants at the Southern Border

Biden and Kamala Harris are more interested in climate changes. Smugglers used the opportunity to earn some cash, right?

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We have a video in which a Liutenant explains the “system” of tags.

“I’m Lieutenant with the Texas one public safety. So we’re at one of the landings that we see typically a lot of human smuggling coming across the river from Mexico. And what you’re seeing here, of course, on the ground is a bunch of bracelets, different colors. And what these braces indicate is what organization these illegal immigrants paid to get across. So as you see here, there’s different wording and some have numbers, serial numbers, as you can see here. So this identifies exactly what organization they belong to and who they paid to get across.”

How much money do they earn? Smuggling people is nothing like smuggling drugs.

“We know on Intel that we receive from our federal partners that just on human smuggling alone, these organizations are making well over $100 million a week, just like human smuggling. It’s a multi billion dollar trade. We’re not even talking about narcotics smuggling. This is all just strictly human smuggling. And that was last year’s numbers. Now, of course, you know, the first six months of this fiscal year, we’re at 1.2 million already. So just kind of put that into context as far as how much these organizations are making. They’re making a lot more profit now on just human smuggling than they are on drug smuggling.”

Creepy Joe helps those people earn money. The Department of Homeland Security is moving agents to the North.

“We have put in place a comprehensive, whole-of-government plan to manage any potential increase in the number of migrants encountered at our border, and DHS has established a Southwest Border Coordination Center to execute those plans. We are increasing our capacity to process new arrivals, evaluate asylum requests, and quickly remove those who do not qualify for protection. We will increase personnel and resources as needed and have already redeployed more than 600 law enforcement officers to the border.”

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