SHOCKING: Rand Paul Receives ANOTHER Death Threat; Fears For His Life!

Did liberals do this?

Rand Paul walks around with a target on his back. We all know that liberals hate him. Sadly, Paul received another death threat Monday.

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The Kentucky Republican declined to take the COVID-19 shot. Liberals didn’t like this and they may be linked to the suspicious package Paul received. Paul acknowledged that a suspicious package was delivered to his Bowling Green home.

“I’ll finish what your neighbor started, you motherf*****,” the message read.

The package was filled with white powder and lucky, it wasn’t toxic.

The package also had an image of Paul on crutches standing at gunpoint. It was a rather disturbing image and it only fuels the fire in the US. We live in a society filled with hate and violence. Democrats, far-left media, and the Big-Tech made everything worse.

When it comes to the “neighbor,” the person who wrote the letter referred to a 2017 incident. Paul was mowing his lawn that day. A man named Rene Boucher attacked Paul, leaving him with broken ribs and a damaged lung. Surgeons had to remove part of it.

Boucher was motivated by a dispute over landscaping, and it was the worst reason one can have to assault people.

Paul blames the latest threat on a tweet from Richard Marx who gave us several hits in the 1980s and 1990s. On Sunday, Marx tweeted that he would give Boucher a hug and even buy him drinks.

Marx says he never intended to encourage violence against Paul. The Republican and his family have received a lot of threats lately, and we can’t blame him for his attitude. The man fears for his life.

Politico was the first to report the news. The FBI and Capitol Police investigated the package. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that the Warren County Sherriff’s Office got involved in the investigation.

In 2018 Paul received another threat. The police arrested the man who said he would cut Paul and his family into pieces using an ax.

Paul was also present on the day when a Bernie Sanders supporter attacked the GOP congressional baseball team in Virginia. The gunman shot a lot of people after watching MSNBC.

James Hodgkinson arrived at the field and started shooting. His bullets hit Republican Rep. Steve Scalise who almost died that day. The police had to put Hodgkinson down in order to prevent more deaths. Yes, the gunman had a list of Republican lawmakers. He really wanted to kill all those people.

Paul and Scalise decided to express dismay at the Bureau’s refusal to classify Hodgkinson as a domestic violent extremist. Paul criticized the decision.

“I was present at the baseball practice where a Bernie Sanders supporter nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise,” he said. “It would seem that his goal was to kill individual members of Congress since he had a list of targets in his pocket. He also was heard to yell, ‘this is for healthcare!’ To argue that this assassination attempt was suicide by cop is unsupported by the facts.”

The Bureau downplayed the political violence from the left. Democrats and liberals reporters keep accusing Donald Trump of the riots on January 6.

Paul criticized Dr. Fauci for his comments on the “plannedemic.” He also confronted the unelected authority of public policy about the approval of funding for the horrible “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab.

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