SHOCKING NEWS: Red Cross Warns- Vaccinated People Are INELIGIBLE For Plasma Donations! Are Their Blood And Organs Contaminated With Spike Proteins Too???

Vaccines are fake and deadly!

Experts believe that plasma from COVID-19 survivors can help in the treatment of patients infected with the virus. The plasma treatment is supposed to give them antibodies, remember?

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Unvaccinated people can donate plasma and help others fight the deadly virus.

Well, guess what… Vaccinated people can’t do that…

COVID-19 jabs eliminate the antibodies your body created while fighting COVID-19. Sorry, you can’t donate plasma.

Vaccinated people can’t donate their plasma because they will contaminate others.

Convalescent plasma is a therapy using antibodies from COVID-19 survivors.

Someone wants to poison your blood… Autopsies of vaccinated Americans showed trillions of spike protein in their tissues. Their organs can’t be transplanted for the same reason.

About 60% of all Americans don’t even know that their tissues aren’t safe to donate. Jabs have contaminated their bodies.

Plasma from vaccinated individuals will kill a cancer patient or someone struggling with diabetes and heart disease.

Watch this video… It’s really shocking!

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Source: The True Defender

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