SHOCKING: Fake Vaccines? Fauci Is This How You Got Yours?

Fake vaccines are finally exposed!

Recently we witness many ‘’fake vaccines.’’

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Are you asking how that can be done?

There are numerous options. Some of them are injecting sugar water or only water.

Maybe they used vodka! Hahaha

A fake syringe is the most common prop that the ‘’experts’’ use to persuade people to take a shot.

All the famous persons who promote the vaccination process to stop the spread of coronavirus are doing the same. You are exposed!

I don’t think that you have received the jab for real!

The people who raise the most significant doubt are those elites with a medical background. We call them ‘’experts.’’

Those are Dr. Fauci and Dr. Oz., as well as all those who speak publicly about the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccination as our salvation.

Did they receive the vaccine for real, or they faked it?

I think they faked it!

Also, I am not alone in this! I read many reports claiming that the doctors didn’t receive the actual vaccine, but they pretended. If you know a bit about the vaccines, you won’t even approach that chemical! They would do the same!

Let’s get back to the time when Dr. Oz forced people to receive the flu vaccine, and he stated that his family didn’t get it!

This time you may think it is different, but no!

Maybe we saw how the doctors received the shot, but today everything is possible.

See the video below, and you will understand what I am talking about!

You are exposed!

We won’t allow faking!

You filthy cheaters! We won’t make a mistake!

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